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Assisted Opener Knives

ABKT Spring Assisted Opener assisted-opener.png

The ABKT Spring Assisted Opener was designed to give you a quick and fast way to get your knife open when needed.  An assisted-opening knife is a type of folding knife that uses an internal mechanism to finish the opening of the blade. When the knife is in the closed position, the blade is held in place by means of torsion springs and an additional blade lock on the back spine when applicable.  As the user applies manual pressure to the thumb stud or flipper to open the knife, a mechanism such as a torsion spring moves along a track in the liner and rapidly rotates the blade into the open and locked position.

The spring assisted opener knives are sometimes confused with switchblades. The difference is that the user of an assisted-opening knife must open it about one-quarter of the way (45°) before the mechanism opens the knife the rest of the way; and the user must use the blade in some way to open the blade, not by a push button.  The difference is important legally; because the blade does not open simply "by the push of a button or by force of gravity" the assisted-opening knife is typically not considered a switchblade,  and it may escape the restrictions applying to those in many places.

ABKT Spring Assisted Opener is the end result of our efforts to bring you the best products at the best price.  ABKT strives to supply our customers with a good quality, one handed opening knife that will stand up to everyday use. ABKT brings you the “Knife You Use” and will function when you need it most.