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Ball Bearing Knives

ABKT Ball Bearing Assisted Opener ballbearing-abkt-logos.png

The ABKT Ball Bearing Assisted Opener was designed to have minimal wear, precision fit, and is the optimal way for opening and closing a folding knife.  Ball bearing pivot systems are a safer way to open knives than a spring assist. When there is a spring assist in your pocket, it is the same as having a cocked spring in your pocket. (Nobody wants that to go off in their pocket). With the ABKT Ball Bearing Assisted Opener, it is at rest and held in place with a ball bearing detent when closed.  When you apply pressure to the blade, whether by thumb stud, hole, or blade flipper on the back of the knife, the pressure to release the detent will open the blade smoothly and quickly to an open and locked position. This gives you one-handed opening function that is completely under your control.

ABKT Ball Bearing Assisted Opener is the end result of our efforts to bring you the best products at the best price.  ABKT strives to supply our customers with a knife that is good in quality and is also a one-handed opening knife that will stand up to everyday use. ABKT brings you the “Knife You Use” and the knife will function when you need it most. The ABKT Ball Bearing Assisted Opening is the way to go.