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Stoked on Stockman's - ABKT's Guide to Stockman Knives

Posted by David McHan - ABKT President

Here at American Buffalo Knife and Tool we are proud to create a high quality Stockman Knife for the every day, exemplary All-American person. Whether on the farm or on the ranch, you can find our Cattleman Stockman or Roper Stockman Knives will come in handy in any situation.

For a little background, the Stockman Knife was called a Stock Knife when first developed and introduced around 1890 to offer consumers a new option of pocketknife. Consumers loved the style because it was less bulky than other knife types. The Stockman Knife is a serpentine shaped pocketknife with two blades on one end and one blade on the other. The Stockman style is typically used as farmer’s or rancher's knife. Stockman knives have a clip point master blade, the second blade is a spey blade, and the third blade is a sheeps foot blade.

Each of the Stockman Knife blades has a specific purpose. The clip point is the longest blade, and it can slice meat, dress small animals, or peel fruit. The sheeps foot blade is meant for cutting through ropes or twine. Last, but not least, the spey blade will cut easily through flesh. Farmers typically use this knife to neuter or spay livestock.

Our Cattleman Stockman Knives are stainless steel blades at about an 58 HRC. This means they are designed to be used and easily sharpened on a stone, and then ready for the workday. Cattleman handles are made of hardwood and impact resistant delrin for rugged everyday use on the farm.

Our Roper Stockman Knives are made from 1065 carbon steel at an HRC of 60. The Roper Stockman Knives are harder than the Cattleman Stockman, and will hold an edge much longer. However, this means the Roper Stockman Knives will take more time to sharpen. Roper Stockman handles are constructed of bone and/or wood to give the knives a look that’s very traditional and similar to Papaw’s knife feel and look.

We here at American Buffalo Knife and Tool know what you need, and we know the quality you deserve. We don’t take any short cuts in making our product because we know that our customers don’t take any short cuts in their work.

The knife you want; the knife you need.

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