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D2 Steel Knives

ABKT Blade Steels – D2


American Buffalo Knife and Tool uses D2 blade steel in it ABKT elite knives.  D2 is a die steel. D2 has been around a 

long time, and because it is proven through many years of use in the die steels, it's known for being good for high wear resistance and for tough durability.

The spectrum analysis of ABKT D2 steel is as follows:

Our D2 is hardened to approx. 58-60 HRC. This steel takes a great edge and holds that edge.  D2 is known for holding cutting edge retention and wear resistance.

Sharpening A D2 Steel Knife Blade

Sharpening D2 is tough. If you're wanting a blade to hold an edge for an incredibly long time, then you can expect that it will take a good sharpening method and put in the time to sharpen it. A blade's edge that is resistant to wear will also resist the abrasive nature of the sharpener; it's simple physics. Diamond sharpeners must be used. No steel is harder. Diamond sharpeners help to make sharpening easier and more effective.

ABKT knows you will be pleased with the steel of these blades. They will last for use after use, so feel free to make this knife “The knife you Use” every day.