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Damascus Steel

At ABKT we are introducing knives with Damascus steel in 2020, but are they true Damascus? There is a lot of miss-information about Damascus steel today due to TV shows and modern marketing. What many consider Damascus Steel is really pattern-welded steel blades. We call them Damascus because that is what the general customer and public call Modern Damascus steel.

Bill Moran, the man credited with the reintroduction of Damascus said that if a knife was going to be used then the blade needed a center core between two outer layers of Damascus. This statement applies to ‘Modern Layered Damascus’ not to what may have been the original Damascus. The original Damascus Steel is Wootz, which is believed to have originated in India. This ‘Modern Layered Damascus’ is made from layers of steel and iron welded together to form a billet, the patterns vary depending on how the smith works the billet. The billet is drawn out and folded until the desired number of layers is formed.

When it comes down to it, higher alloys (Like ABKTs D2 steel) will outperform most pattern-welded steel. Owning and using a Damascus steel blade is about personal style and respect for the time and process of developing such a blade. ABKT’s Damascus steel has a core in the center of the 57 layer Damascus steel on each side of the core. The Damascus is made from 430 steel and 2Cr14 stainless steel that is folded 57 times. This core is there for the cutting edge, it is 9Cr13MoV at 58-60 HRC. This gives you the style of Damascus steel but with a solid core for cutting purposes. 

We hope you like this “Layered Damascus Steel” as we introduce it in some patterns in 2020. Our intent is to give the customer the style of Damascus and the function that will last.