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David Yellowhorse Wild Horse Skinner

David Yellowhorse Wild Horse Skinner

David YellowHorse Custom Wild Horse Skinner

Hand-made in Navajoland, USA! In a brand new collaborative series, American Buffalo Knife and Tool has teamed up with legendary 4th generation silversmith David Yellowhorse for this gorgeous set of knives. David, who has been adding custom inlays to knives since 1978, has transformed this Roper knife into a vision of his Navajo heritage. Each piece has been inlaid with perfectly fit hand ground bloody jasper, turquoise, and hand-cut nickel silver. This is a limited edition of 100 pieces.


8.0” Overall Length | 4.0" Blade Length

  • D2 stone washed blade, hand ground with chip flint accents

  • Turquoise, bloody jasper, and black jet handle with nickel silver stallion inlay.

  • Leather Sheath

  • Comes with signed certificate from DY.